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POMP & SHOW is Australia’s makeup brand and global online beauty company focused on what our women want when looking for their next beauty purchase. We exist by one motto, unleash your beauty and own you're madness, while sprinkling love and equality we want you to believe in your own magic and have fun with who you are. We started in Sydney in a bedroom filled with stock, vision boards and a dream. A dream to connect with women across the globe through our products, memes, instagram stories and newsletters. We now deliver across the globe and stock our brand in selected salons. With our followers growing on instagram and our makeup category expanding, we will continue to inspire and empower through creativity and colour through our story telling and taking you on a journey through our brand.

Meet Our Founder POMP AND SHOW Meet Our Founder

Portia has been in the makeup industry for over 20 years, in 2018 she realised there was not enough lip colours readily available for all skin tones for her clients, so she set out to creating her own lipstick line, POMP & SHOW. Through being aligned with her passion in offering cruelty-free high quality lipsticks to her clients and a mission to giving back to an organisation, Destiny Rescue, she has harnessed the power of social media and connects to her global audience through Instagram and other social channels. Portia's social media engagement took POMP & SHOW from a bedroom start up to a successful growing business in the exciting and competitive market of beauty and makeup.